Tell Me Why: Butter is Bettah

Butter. It gets such a bad rap. It’s actually a wonderful source of nutrition when it’s made from animals that eat grass. When you buy butter from grass-fed cattle, it’s full of Vitamins A, D, E and K; minerals like zinc, copper, manganese and selenium; a cancer fighting property called CLA (conjugated linoleic acid); and a healthy balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. I hear you out there: But isn’t butter going to make me fat and have high cholesterol? No. That is something the margarine people want you to think. Margarine, shortenings and spreads are created through a pretty rigorous chemical process. And why? To make it look and taste like butter. Nothing tastes like real butter. So why not just eat the real deal instead of a chemically concocted product full of trans fats, free radicals, synthetic vitamins, emulsifiers, preservatives, hexane and other  solvents? (What are those you ask? Exactly.) When we eat nutritional fat, it goes to formulate our brain (which is 70% fat), the outer layer of each of our cells, and we utilize it for energy and all kinds of body functions. It’s when we eat factory made, unnatural fats like margarine that our body is confused. It’s not sure how to process so many unrecognizable ingredients (this goes for most processed foods). But it does the best it can. Tucks it away here and there. It adapts…but not without consequences. Butter is a real food. Margarine is not. Keep it real, people!
Look for brands like Kerrygold, Organic Valley and Anchor.


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