Real Maple Syrup

syrup labelsFlip over your syrup bottle and read the ingredients. If you see “high fructose corn syrup” then chunk it in the trash can, pronto. And please don’t buy it again. Ever. It’s not real syrup. It’s a fake, genetically-modified corn concoction with a bunch of other artificial stuff in it.  It’s so processed that your body has an incredibly hard time dealing with it. It wreaks havoc. Can you say Headaches? Cravings? Exhaustion? Stomach problems? The list goes on. Is this cheap imposter really worth it? No. Not for you, not for your family.

Why not go for the real thing? 100% pure maple syrup is nature’s gift to your morning pancakes. Does it cost a little more? It does. That’s because it has to be extracted from trees. In nature. There is not an endless factory supply. It takes effort. This is a little clue nature gives us about how we should be eating the sweet gifts it provides. Sparingly. It’s not easily accessible. It’s hard to get to. A little goes a long way.

Spend a bit more on the good stuff and savor it. Enjoy that you are eating a real food that actually has nutrients like zinc and manganese in it. High fructose corn syrup is not only devoid of nutrients, it actually depletes your body of nutrients as part of your body’s coping mechanism. FWB (Food with Benefit) vs FWC (Food with Consequence). No contest.

001One tip: Try to buy Grade B maple syrup. It’s the most minimally processed of syrups and, therefore, the most nutrient dense. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Real Maple Syrup

  1. Great post! Going to have to check the grade on our maple syrup! One gripe – they need to invent a better spout instead of the wide mouth opening on the bottles! I accidentally pour too much goodness!

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