How To Buy Olive Oil

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I used to buy olive oil by the jug from Sam’s. We use a lot of it and I thought buying in bulk was a smart move. Wrong-o. All olive oil is not created equally. Cheaper versions are often not pure 100% olive oil but actually a blend of several oils such as olive, soybean, and canola. Apparently, manufacturers can label it “extra virgin olive oil” even when other oils are present. So you may think you are getting a dose of heart healthy oil when, in fact, you are consuming ultra-processed, rancid oils such as canola or corn. Quality olive oil is minimally processed – basically pressed – while these other oils have been damaged by heat, degumming, bleaching and deodorizing. Ewwww, right? Here you thought you were doing something healthy for yourself when, actually, your olive oil was doing you wrong. If you are using olive oil for its healthful benefits, make sure you are buying a quality brand.

Some things to look for:
Harvest and Expiration Date: Many bottles will display an expiration date but not a harvest date. The harvest date tells you how fresh it is.

Cold-Pressed – This keeps the oil from heat damage.

Dark Bottle – Do not buy EVOO in a clear glass or plastic bottle. Too much light exposure compromises the nutrients. Store it in your pantry.

5 thoughts on “How To Buy Olive Oil

  1. I’m so frustrated by the marketing out there! I love how salad dressings say they are made with olive oil, then you turn to the ingredients and the first on the list is soybean oil! EWWWWW!!!

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