Nuts For Lunch

DSC_0250We often give our kids nut butters for lunch; why not give them whole nuts every once in a while? If your child does not have a nut allergy or attend a nut-free school, then this is a nice sandwich-free option. My older boy prefers macadamia nuts and his little brother likes pecans, so I oblige accordingly. Grapes, cheese, and homemade chocolate dinosaurs round out the rest, and I allow them one juice a day.

**Disclaimer**My kids take their lunch to school every day, sometimes begrudgingly.They would rather indulge in the pizza, chicken nuggets, and the packaged Rice Krispie treats that their peers buy from the cafeteria. I do my best to make their homemade lunches more appealing, so of all of the meals I serve them, this is where I’m slightly more flexible.

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