Soup For School

DSC_0232Soup is a great way to get vegetables and bone broth into your kid’s bellies. My kids know that if we have soup for dinner, they can expect it in their lunch for school the next day. We have a number of super hero thermoses, which ups the cool factor.

This is a standard chicken and vegetable soup made with homemade bone broth, which is one of the most nourishing foods for our bodies. Once the soup is made, I usually pour half (or more) of it into my Vitamix, blend it up, and return it to the pot. This gives it a creamier texture and appeals to my kids more than chunks of chicken and vegetables. Getting gluten-free crackers is a treat for them, along with the chocolate covered goji berries. Knowing my kids are refueling during the school day with this nutrient-dense soup makes me a happy mama.

**Disclaimer**My kids take their lunch to school every day, sometimes begrudgingly.They would rather indulge in the pizza, chicken nuggets, and the packaged Rice Krispie treats that their peers buy from the cafeteria. I do my best to make their homemade lunches more appealing, so of all of the meals I serve them, this is where I’m slightly more flexible.

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