Sneaky Chocolate Smoothie

DSC_0400I shouldn’t really call this smoothie “sneaky,” because my kids know exactly what’s in it. Heck, they love to help make it! But if your kid runs at the sight of anything green, then this smoothie is a good way to incorporate some vegetables (and other healthy ingredients) into their diet. I like that it is sweetened by a banana and that the Great Lakes Gelatin provides protein. If you use coconut water instead of plain water, then it also has added electrolytes. Recently, my son requested this smoothie when he was sick. I was thrilled to oblige since it has so many healthful ingredients, and I also took the opportunity to add a powdered probiotic and a powdered Vitamin C/Calcium/Magnesium supplement to boost his immune system. Follow the recipe as is below, or play around with it to tweak it to your taste. It makes a great snack or a healthy alternative to chocolate milk.

Sneaky Chocolate Smoothie

1 c. spinach or other leafy greens

3/4 c. full-fat canned coconut milk

3/4 c. coconut water or plain water

3 T unsweetened cocoa powder

1 T Great Lakes Gelatin (you can’t taste this, but it adds protein and serves as a thickener)

1 ripe banana

handful of crushed ice

Blend all ingredients. Serves 2-3.

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