Nutrient-Dense Waffles (no flour-gluten-dairy)

DSC_0314I love these waffles from I use my Vitamix to make big batches of them several times a month to freeze and have on hand for busy school mornings. The main ingredient is almond butter (or Sunbutter) which is much more nutrient-dense and filling than standard waffles. The recipe also incorporates an apple and a banana into the batter which ups the nutrition ante and makes it naturally sweet. While my kids enjoy a drizzle of maple syrup over them, I eat them plain or with a big smear of grass-fed butter. They also make a great after school snack. These are Sugar Detox friendly if you use a green apple and a green-tipped banana. You can get the full recipe here or from The Paleo Parents’ cookbook: Eat Like A Dinosaur. It’s one of my favorites and very useful for transitioning families toward FWBs (Food With Benefits). Make sure to double this recipe and store the extras in the freezer for those rushed mornings when you don’t have time to cook. Hint: I usually make these the night before as I’m preparing dinner. That way it’s all done and ready to go for the crazy morning!



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