Burgers and Cheese Puffs

hamburger 3

I always have my husband grill extra burgers to have on hand for school lunches. Using grass-fed beef will pack the most nutritional punch, but conventional beef works as well if that’s whatcha got. We don’t do buns. I slowly transitioned them out and my kids don’t even miss them. I just let them pick up the whole patty and dip it into ketchup. From time to time I include these cheese puffs. Are they nutritious? Absolutely not. But at least they are gluten-free, made with GMO-free corn, and don’t have any artificial dyes or preservatives. Definitely better than your average cheeto, but by no means nutritious. I’m a little more lax with my kids’ school lunches because:

  • a. No matter what I pack in their lunches it’s going to be hands down more nutritious than the cafeteria food.
  • b. Compromising with some store bought goods keeps them content with taking their lunches and makes them feel “normal” with their peers.
  • c. I know they are getting awesome nutrients from the homemade breakfasts and dinners I make them, so a few “responsibly processed” foods in their lunches here and there is not a big deal.

But back to the burgers. Make a few extra the next time you have them for dinner and then lunch prep will be dunzo!

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