Pinkalicious Salmon

Don’t underestimate what your kids will eat. My daughter loves wild-caught salmon – which totally surprised me the first time I served it to her. I told her it was Pinkalicious Salmon (Pinkalicious is her favorite book character!) and she dug right in. My boys need a little more prodding, but they eat it pretty well. Especially if I serve it with something they really like – like gluten-free macaroni and cheese. We make a deal: if they eat most of their salmon and brussel sprouts, they get extra mac and cheese.

Here’s Blair, 3 years old, getting excited about her salmon:

Did you know that farmed salmon is not so Pinkalicious? Farmed salmon are fed chemicals to give them that pink color, otherwise they would be a dull grey. And who would buy dull grey salmon at the store? Wild-caught salmon eat krill, which gives them that beautiful pinky-red color naturally. And because wild-caught salmon eat a natural diet, they are high in Omega-3 and other important nutrients. Farmed salmon are fed corn and soy. Doesn’t that sound like a totally natural diet for a fish? They also live in crowded conditions, which promotes disease and the need for antibiotics. You can still get some worthy nutrients from eating farmed salmon, but nothing compared to wild-caught. If your budget allows, always choose wild-caught salmon over farmed. Wild-caught canned salmon is a great option that’s even more affordable (makes yummy salmon cakes). When it comes to salmon, THINK PINK!

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