Probiotic Marshmallows


I make a big batch of these whenever the stomach bug starts making the rounds. My kids love them any time (I often make them just for snacks) because they are fun, squishy, and tasty. But they are great if you need a probiotic boost too! This was my go to snack when my daughter recently got a stomach bug. I made lots of bone-broth based soups, stepped up my favorite cod liver oil supplement, and whipped up a batch of these. No one else in our house got the bug (whew!) and I contribute much of that to some serious nutrition lockdown.
Store-bought marshmallows have some pretty foul ingredients in them, including blue dye. I know, right? Why dye marshmallows? Dyes are terrible for everybody, but especially for kids with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, etc. So I was big time excited to find this recipe on It has only 5 ingredients: water, my favorite grass-fed gelatin powder, honey, vanilla, and probiotic capsules. I make mine in my stand mixer and it only takes about 15 minutes. Sometimes I sprinkle chocolate chips (I use these) over the top, sometimes I squish them between homemade graham crackers, sometimes I put them in hot chocolate, and sometimes we just eat them plain. I have made rice krispy treats with them (a VERY rare treat in our house as we don’t eat cereal any more) using this gluten-free cereal. I just pour the whole box into a large bowl and then add the marshmallow mixture to desired consistency. The marshmallow recipe made a large pyrex of rice krispy treats and a small pyrex of plain marshmallows (it makes a ton!).


Again, the recipe is here (would love to share it but it’s Wellness Mama’s recipe, not mine, so check out her site!).
Let me know if these work out for you!

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