Why I Put Butter (and Coconut Oil and Collagen) In My Coffee

People flip out when I tell them that I put butter in my coffee. Not only butter, but coconut oil AND a special ingredient I like to call “botox in a bottle.” To see how and why I do it, check it out here: (or keep reading)

This is based off the Bulletproof Coffee recipe. It was the way I finally broke myself of adding those flavored creamers filled with nasty, artificial ingredients.

So, WHY butter? WHY coconut oil?

Several reasons. For one, adding fat to your coffee helps to slow down the stimulating effect on the body. Black coffee on an empty stomach can be a stressor and cause cortisol production. But if you like your coffee black, that’s cool. Try to drink it with your breakfast so it doesn’t hit your system so directly.

Butter – or more specifically, grass-fed butter like Kerrygold – is a rich source of vitamins A, D, E, and K. It provides Omega-3s and high levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which  is a compound that protects against cancer and helps the body build muscle.

Coconut Oil is full of medium chain triglycerides which are a great source of energy and very healthy for the brain. It is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and contains antioxidants.

Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate (get it here) is full of collagen and amino acids that help the body regulate metabolism and repair connective tissue. It’s great for joint pain, bone health, and skin, hair, and nail health. It’s botox from the inside out, ladies.

Every once in a while I’ll throw a raw egg yolk in there (from a reliably sourced, pasture-fed chicken, of course!). I do this when I’m in a hurry and the coffee is pretty much going to be my breakfast. That way I’ve got my healthy fat AND protein and my coffee – all in one cup. It doesn’t taste eggy at all. Plus it makes it even more frothy. I don’t worry about it being a raw yolk. I know the egg is high quality and that the heat of the coffee is going to cook it a little.

I add about a 1/2 teaspoon each of butter and coconut oil into the coffee, shake some collagen in, and blend it up with an immersion blender. (Do this in a separate bowl or your blender, NOT your coffee cup, or you will have mess that you do not want first thing in the morning). Then I pour it into my coffee cup. It makes a delicious creamy, frothy cup of coffee. With nutrients! FYI – it does not taste sweet. So don’t expect that. But try it without any sweetener for a few days. My Sugar Detoxers find that it really grows on them and they are able to forgo sweetened coffee.

I’m not saying you have to drink your coffee this way. And I wouldn’t drink cup after cup of it. But if you enjoy a nice warm,creamy cup of coffee every morning and are looking for a healthier option – this is a great one!

4 thoughts on “Why I Put Butter (and Coconut Oil and Collagen) In My Coffee

  1. Love my butter coffee! Although, my immersion is so old and weak I do blend it right up in my coffee mug. Oh, and I sometimes add a scoop of pumpkin :).

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