Bone Broth Challenge


homemade chicken brothOctober 26th is National Bone Broth Day! Not really. But it should be. Bone broth is a SUPERFOOD –  full of nutrients and wonderfully healing for the body. Since my son’s diagnosis of food sensitivities, our family has started a major gut-healing protocol, and bone broth is a huge part of the plan. It seems I constantly have a pot simmering on the stove. So much so, that I’m asking for a pressure cooker for Christmas so that I can speed up the process.

Bone broth is SO good for you, that I want YOU to try it. If you’ve never made homemade bone broth – go ahead, give it a whirl and see how easy it is.  If you’re an old pro – show some solidarity and join us in the challenge. Members of my private Facebook group: The Christian Nutritionist Community page will be jumping in and talking all about it. Not a member? You should be! That’s the forum for discussing all things sugar detox, wellness challenges, and asking your nutrition questions. To join, simply search The Christian Nutritionist Community, ask to join, and I will approve you. Then make the bone broth! This Sunday, October 26th. Post a pic on FB or Instagram and hashtag it #nationalbonebrothday.

To see my full post on bone broth – how to make it, why you should make it, and how to use it – click here.
To see one of my favorite ways to make soup with bone broth – check out my Roasted Cauliflower Soup recipe here.
Cauliflower Soup

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