The Gratitude Challenge

It’s almost November! The month of Thanksgiving. The month of Giving Thanks.

This month’s challenge is nutrition for the soul. Ready? Here we go:

Every day in the month of November, I want you to write down 3 things that you are thankful for. Now, here’s the twist: One of those things each day must be about your spouse (or someone important in your life that you might possibly be taking for granted!)
You can:
-text the thankful thought to him/her each day
-display it on a little chalkboard/sticky note for him/her to see each day
-or save up all 30 thankful thoughts and write them down in card at the end of month to present all at once.

We often take for granted those closest to us, and this is a really wonderful and loving way to share your love and appreciation. It could do wonders for your marriage!


Another thing I encourage you to do is get your kids involved. I put up a “gratitude tree” in our kitchen. Each day, the kids will add a “leaf” with something they are thankful for written on it. Filling our tree with happy leaves will be a great way to usher in the Thanksgiving holiday. It will be a daily reminder that we are incredibly blessed, and have so much to be thankful for.

So. Ya ready? Do this. Join in this simple challenge. When we switch on our attitude of gratitude, our body releases stress. And who doesn’t need to knock off some stress????

I’ll start…..I’m thankful for YOU! I’m so grateful that you spend some of your time here with me on the blog. Have a blessed month of Thanksgiving!

Share something that YOU are thankful for in the comment section below:

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