Cut The Veggies….They Will Come

You know those veggies rotting in the back of your fridge? The ones you swore you’d use this week? Once you’re finished reading this, I want you to go straight to your fridge and see what you can salvage. Chunk the bad ones and chop the good ones. Put them in a compartmentalized container and get ready to be surprised that your kids will actually snack on them.

Because….if you cut them, they will come (cue Field of Dreams). IMG_2604 Here’s the deal: Cut them right after you get home from the grocery store. Put all of your other groceries away and then get to veggie chopping. If you want to make it even more convenient, buy pre-chopped veggies. I think the key is putting them all together in one container. You’d be surprised what your kids will try when presented with the option. I pull out the veggie tray when my kids are “stiiiiiilllllll huuuunnnngry” (imagine that in your whiniest voice). This usually happens between the after-school-snack and dinner or after dinner. So I make the veggie tray the only option. And if they’re really hungry, they’ll eat it. This is a great time to expose them to lots of different kinds of veggies. I put carrots, cucumbers, celery, peppers, snap peas, jicama, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.

One of my kids only eats the carrots.
Another one will eat the cucumbers, carrots and snap peas.
The other one will eat the entire container if I don’t take it away from him.

So you never know….but it gives them the opportunity to experiment. Alrighty, get on to your kitchen and start choppin’.

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