Why I Became a Nutritionist

I was told I had unexplained infertility…but I didn’t.
I was told I would just have to live with my chronic Hydrodenitis Suppurativa skin condition…but I don’t.
I was told that it was no big deal that my baby only pooped every four days…but it was.

I was told all of these things by doctors…very well-meaning, all of whom I respect, but that didn’t have the answers I needed. Deep down I knew there had to be more to the story.

And that’s when I started becoming a nutritionist. Not by formal training…not yet…but by hands-on, real-life experience. I started reading, researching, and applying nutritional therapy techniques out of sheer desperation.

After trying for 1 ½ years to get pregnant, I conceived within 6 weeks.
After living with an embarrassing and painful skin condition for 20 years, all symptoms of it diminished.
After tweaking what my son ate, he began pooping regularly.

All of this…. and THEN I undertook formalized nutritional education.

If you would have told me when I was floundering around The University of Texas, trying to figure out a major…that one day, 15 years down the road, I would become a nutritionist….I would have said – whaaaaatttttt???? No way. And sometimes I sure wish God would have clued me in sooner…just think of ALL of the people I could have helped by now. How much MORE information my brain could have absorbed.

But I know now that He was giving me real-life training because it would make me a better nutritionist. All of those years I suffered from that awful skin disease…I often prayed that there would be a good reason behind it. That I could learn from it. And what I didn’t understand how to articulate at the time…that I could use it for His glory. Or when I could not get pregnant…oh how desperate I was…little did I know He was adding to my resume (and teaching me some grace in the mean time). Or when I held that beautiful baby in my arms, completely distraught as to why he could not have normal bowel movements…I was a nutritionist-in-training and didn’t even know it. But He did.

The road to this career, this ministry, has been very long…but very organic and intuitive. I think this is what it means when they say: follow your passion, do what you love, and the way will be provided. That has been true for me. Never in a million years did I think I would be doing something like this. But I love it and know this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

I hope you are doing what you love to do.



10 thoughts on “Why I Became a Nutritionist

  1. I am allergic to soy and glutin intolerant. I would love support and easy healthy meal ideas. I also want to know what butter you use. Thank you!!

    • Kaycie – I loooooovveeeee Kerrygold butter. It is rich with nutrients. Many people are allergic to soy and gluten…actually neither are much good to anybody. I would love to help you! I’ll send you an email. :-)

  2. So glad God had our lives cross paths!!! I’m happy he showed you your passion and what you are meant to do!! God is good!! All the time!

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