Protein Powder Picks

Sometimes I use protein powder or collagen to increase my protein intake during the day. I’ve been tracking my macronutrients lately and it’s not always easy to meet the 30% protein goal that I’m shooting for. I always advocate for real food – and protein powders don’t always fall into that category – but if you buy a high quality powder, there’s room to make it a part of your diet. It’s also a nice way to add protein to a morning smoothie in order to make it a more well-rounded meal. The following are some good choices and most can be found at your local grocery store. Unless you live in the boondocks like me. In that case you drive 60 miles to the closest big town or order from Amazon.

There are several different protein options (whey, egg, collagen, plant blend, or hemp) and you can choose depending on what works for you. Whey does not work for me. Lately I’ve been using either the Vital Proteins or Collagen Hydrolysate or the Garden of Life plant blend. You can click on the names of each powder below to get more info about it or to order straight from Amazon.

Tera’s Whey
tera's whey protein

Garden of Life

Garden of Life Protein Powder

 Jay Robb

Jay Robb protein

Nutiva Hemp
Nutiva hemp

Vital Proteins
Vital ProteinsCollagen Hydrolysate

collagen hydrolysate

PS – I often add the collagen powder to my banana pancakes in order to give them some protein.
What’s your favorite protein powder?

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