2 thoughts on “Renovate Your House

  1. Praise God for this timely sermon. The Lord had been speaking to me for a couple of years now about “building my house,” with a word from Proverbs 14:1. A wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands. This just further confirms the work and season God has me in right now. Not only am I working on my own health as I struggle with autoimmunity (physical house), but also as a homeschooling mom, I struggle mightily with attempting to create a pleasing home and sanctuary for my family, and to have a home welcoming enough to practice hospitality (actual house) – AND the importance of emotional self-care and soul care, as I’m a clinical social worker part-time, dealing with some heavy duty stuff (mental/emotional house). There are a lot of renovations going on right now, and I have a huge invisible “under construction” sign around my neck. But God is faithful, and He who has begun this good work will see it through to completion. Even when I sabotage my progress and get in my own way, He is faithful to forgive me and cleanse me of unrighteousness. I’m so happy He does not give up on us. This was a good word my sister, and I praise God that you were open to the leading of the Holy Spirit to share it. Peace from a Texas Aggie exiled in Metro Washington DC.

    • Oh Demi – girlfriend – what a full plate you have! Much love and peace to you. God is good and that never changes. Thank you SO much for sharing and for your kind words. Please keep in touch. :-)

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