Better Taco Tuesday

Sometimes improving nutrition simply means upgrading your ingredients. Want tacos? Great! Make these simple swaps and your tacos will be a whole lot healthier.

Tacos Shells: Use nonGMO taco shells like these from Garden of Eatin’. Most corn products are genetically modified. This can interfere with your good gut bacteria which plays a critical role in keeping us healthy!
*Even Better? Use large lettuce leaves as your taco wrap instead of using the shells!*

Taco Shells

Refried Beans: My kids love a swipe of refried beans in the bottom of their taco shell. I look for beans without icky oils. This is one of the few times I look for “Fat Free” on the label. Most refried beans are made with canola, soybean oil, or lard. Lard would actually be ok IF it came from a clean source, which usually doesn’t happen in your typical canned good.
Refried Beans

Grass-Fed Beef: This is going to have a much better nutritional profile than conventional beef. Your family will be getting more Omega-3 fatty acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (which helps protect against cancer) by using higher quality beef.

Grass-Fed Cheese: Same with the cheese. The higher quality you buy, the more nutrients you will get from it! (I buy this or Kerrygold cheese from Sam’s).

Avocado: Add a side of sliced avocado for an awesome dose of healthy fat!

Bonus: Make my EASY 5-minute salsa. My boys LOVE this and it’s a great way to add some veggie to the tacos.

 Build your taco with these upgraded ingredients and ENJOY!! :-)

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