Why I Put Butter (and Coconut Oil and Collagen) In My Coffee


People flip out when I tell them that I put butter in my coffee. Not only butter, but coconut oil AND a special ingredient I like to call “botox in a bottle.” To see how and why I do it, Continue reading

A Bag of Broccoli – Three Ways

I have big plans for you Giant Bag of Broccoli from Sam’s. My family is going to eat you up in 3 different ways this week. We will have you for breakfast. Broccoli and cheese scrambled eggs: But I will Continue reading

Nutrient-Dense Waffles (no flour-gluten-dairy)

I love these waffles from paleoparents.com. I use my Vitamix to make big batches of them several times a month to freeze and have on hand for busy school mornings. The main ingredient is almond butter (or Sunbutter) which is Continue reading

Plantain Pancakes (nut-free/grain-free)

I love this pancake recipe from thepaleomom.com. It contains no processed flour or icky ingredients. The pancakes are made from plantains (find them near the bananas at the grocery store). I had never cooked with plantains until trying this recipe. Continue reading