Sugar Detox Meal Ideas

   BREAKFASTS Eggs: hard-boiled, scrambled, egg muffins, omelettes, fritattas Leftovers: veggies with side of eggs or meat Green Smoothies: be sure to add protein powder/collagen and/or healthy fat Nut Butter and Fruit (ie: apple or banana with almond butter) Banana Continue reading

Chicken Zoodle Soup


I’m always looking for ways to get my kids excited about healthy food. Two great ways to do that are to: 1.Make it visually appealing 2. Get them involved in the cooking process Boom. Meet the Spiralizer. It makes noodles Continue reading

A Bag of Broccoli – Three Ways

I have big plans for you Giant Bag of Broccoli from Sam’s. My family is going to eat you up in 3 different ways this week. We will have you for breakfast. Broccoli and cheese scrambled eggs: But I will Continue reading