Part of regarding The Bible as our Life Manual is also utilizing it as our Health Manual. Incorporating ancient practices into our modern lives keeps us grounded spiritually and physically. Fasting is a great way to experience this connection. It can be an incredibly effective strategy for weight loss, detoxification, and digestive resetting.

Although some instances of fasting in the Bible are extreme (think Jesus fasting from food and liquids for 40 days – yikes!), you do not have to go to these great lengths to experience the benefits. The easiest way to incorporate this practice into your routine is to Intermittent Fast (IF). This basically boils down to shortening your eating window – the time frame in which you eat your meals. The shorter the eating window, the more fat-burning takes place. This is because your body has the opportunity to tap into the fat stores for energy. Your body burns carbohydrates for energy first…and because many of us are constantly overfeeding ourselves carbohydrates, our bodies don’t often have the opportunity to use the fat. Shortening your eating window allows your body to burn through the carbohydrates and then utilize the fat. If you’re new to fasting, start with a 10 hour fast and work your way up to 16 hours. Most of this takes place while you are sleeping, so it’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds.

10 HOUR FAST: 14 Hour Eating Window – 10 Hour Fast
(ex. eat all meals between 9am and 11pm – do not eat between 11pm and 9am).

12 HOUR FAST: 12 Hours Eating Window – 12 Hour Fast
(ex. eat between 9am and 9pm – do not eat betweeen 9pm and 9am)

14 HOUR FAST: 10 Hour Eating Window – 14 Hour Fast
(ex. eat between 9am and 7pm – do not eat between 7pm and 9am)

16 HOUR FAST – 8 Hour Eating Window – 16 Hour Fast
(ex. eat between 9am and 5pm – do not eat between 5pm and 9am)

Most Frequently Asked Question:
Q: What about coffee?
A: Coffee is permitted. Drink it either black, with 50 calories or less in it, or use Bulletproof Coffee as meal strategy to stay in fat burning mode.

How often should you do this? As much as you like. Some people are in a perpetual 16 hour fast, some people do it a few times a week. My strategy: I try to aim for a 12 hour fasting window most days with one or two 16-hour fasts per week.











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