Personalized Plan



Three steps that lead to success.

Chelsea creates personalized environments for clients to achieve their health goals. She is your helper, your sounding board, your accountability partner. She wants to free you from the stress of poor health and food choices so that you have time for more important things…like serving the Lord and living into your God-given gifts. When creating a nutrition plan, there are so many things to consider! Your current health status, nutritional deficiencies, grocery shopping habits, eating frequency, eating schedule, stress levels, sleeping habits, work environment, favorite foods, least favorite foods, etc. There is no one-size-fits-all plan. It’s important to factor in all of these details to set you up for success.

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>>Fill out a Health History, Client Agreement and Nutritional Assessment.
>>Schedule a convenient time for phone or in-person appointment with Chelsea.
- Set clear goals.
- Go over results of Nutrition Evaluation.
- Learn nutrition strategies best suited for your situation.
- Create an Initial Plan.
$60/hour. Step One takes 1 – 1.5 hour.

>>Includes ongoing food journal review, incorporating layers of nutritional and lifestyle strategies, adjusting goals and tweaking the plan.
Choose your Accountability Method:
*1. Weekly Follow-Up Meetings with Food Journal review until goal satisfied.
*2. Bi-monthly (2 per month) Follow-Up Meetings with Food Journal review until goal satisfied.
*3. Accountability Boot-Camp: 5 days of texting Chelsea photos of every food choice           you make. This sounds intense but is very effective. It’s the equivalent of having a workout trainer – but for your food! She will look at what you’re eating, see how you put together meals, and make suggestions along the way. This is also helpful to prevent the urge to go off the rails (when all the cookies are calling your name!). Sometimes pausing to think through why you’re doing that can get you off the ledge. Chelsea is your pause.
***One of these three choices is recommended (not required) for new clients with ongoing goals.
4. Once-a-Month Follow-Up Review as needed. (better for established clients who want to check in to stay on track)

$60 per hour. $30 per half hour. $20 for fifteen minutes or less. Your choice.
Please note: Accountability Boot-Camp is $70.

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You’ve only got one body. Give it the best shot at carrying you through life with strength and vitality!

12 thoughts on “Personalized Plan

  1. I would like to do an assessment for my daughter and myself. It would be good for my husband too, but I’m not sure I can get him on board. Bet you have heard that before.

  2. I am interested in the $165 package. Would you please send me more info?

    I am 61, 90 lbs overweight and a food addict. I have read so many conflicting nutritional views and so much evolution-related nutrition books. I am having trouble sorting it all out. I could sure use some help.


      • Hi Chelsea! I lost the email that you sent me in response to my telling you I wanted to do the $165 package. I apologize. Would you mind sending it again?

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