What People Are Saying

I love my clients.  They have the nicest things to say……..

If you ever go to bed praying that you only wanted to help 1 person, please be at peace knowing that you already have.  YOU are just what GOD ordered in my life.
- Stephanie, working mom

As a breast cancer survivor, Chelsea has inspired me to take my health into my own hands.  She has taught me that through nutrition, I can turn my body into a cancer fighting machine and she’s helped me understand how some of my habits were creating a comfy place for cancer to set up shop.  It is powerful to know that I can control how I nourish myself and how I can give my immune system the best opportunity to kick cancer to the curb!  I am so grateful for Chelsea’s expertise and passion for nutrition.  She has truly changed how I view food and my goals for taking care of myself and my family.
- Christi, Age 40

30 lbs-gone. Statins-gone. Chronic athlete’s food-gone. – Brian, 42

Chelsea and I have had two meetings and Joe and I have definitely changed the way we eat. I love it!  I feel so much better and Joe, after having potassium problems, has had his potassium come down to normal–a big plus.  We are both senior citizens and very set in our eating habits. Chelsea does not force any recommendations on us and some of our habits are still being challenged.  But we are much better off just changing what we have.  I definitely agree with what Chelsea recommends.
 Marolyn, 80-something years young

Week one of Sugar Detox and lost 2.2 pounds and I feel great..
no bloated belly…sleeping well. – Stacy, Jazzercise teacher.

I haven’t weighed this little since high school!
– Allie, mom of 3

Two years ago, I lost track of my health which resulted in multiple hospital stays. What I thought was a last resort should have been my first response. Chelsea empathetically and prayerfully opened my eyes, heart, and stomach to the healing powers of God-given foods. The knowledge and guidance she provides has proven life-saving for me. It is truly remarkable how our mind and bodies respond when properly nourished. Thank you, Chelsea! – Shalayne, health journey warrior

The most helpful thing Chelsea has taught me has been to be sure & read the label of ingredients.  If you do not understand the 1st four ingredients…don’t buy it!
- Donna, kicking bad habits to the curb

The bumps on my arms are gone! After 20 years of doctors and prescriptions, changing my diet was the only thing that actually helped! I have more energy throughout the day without sinking spells or sugar cravings in the afternoon. I used to have a huge weak spot for sweets and now they are rarely even appealing to me – that is nothing short of a miracle! Medical doctors often do not look at nutrition as a solution and I have wasted too much money on professional medical advice and prescriptions when all I needed was you!  – Erin, teacher and mom of 2

This past weekend my mom told me that I looked “wonderful” and a nurse just told me I looked “gorgeous!” And asked what was different. I have lost about 3 lbs  already and feel great! Not a single person has told me how tired I look in weeks and I have had more compliments on my hair in the last two weeks than I can count!  - Sarah, speech pathologist and mom of 2

I lost 11 pounds in 14 days on the sugar detox!  - Jen, busy mom

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